Is buying pink diamond a safe investment?

Argyle Diamond Investments will inform you to choose and buy diamonds and at the same time, the benefits that involve the purchasing pink diamond as an investment will be analyzed.

It is important to highlight that, when Argyle Diamond Investments refer to the possession of a pink diamond as a form of investment, it does not mean that it is immediately profitable, but you will diversify part of your assets in a safe asset.

A pink diamond is considered an active insurance for the following reasons:

  • Carrying diamonds and tax-free: Diamonds can condense a large amount of wealth into a small object, which can easily be transported from one place to another. Investors can enjoy not having to pay the tax or taxes on capital gains when they have possession of diamonds. So investing in pink diamonds becomes a channel of wealth accumulation, and it is becoming increasingly popular today.
  • Security during the recession and decreases institutions in time of inflation, when there is an increase in the prices of other goods, the diamond, along with other intrinsic goods, such as gold and oil, are even more valuable. Therefore, it makes the diamond shield against inflation. While stocks and bonds are subject to political risk, liquidity risk and market fluctuations, pink diamonds are not directly linked to stock and securities markets.
Pink Diamond Investments
  • Diamond prices increase during inflation, and maintain their value during deflation.
  • Universal Price: Unlike the cost of other goods, whose prices fluctuate according to the market, diamonds are indirectly controlled by a single price, a report that establishes the average weekly market prices for each type of pink diamond. As a result, diamond prices are usually standard on all continents, and the value of diamonds is unified throughout the world. Investors do not have to suffer price differences when they want to liquidate their diamonds.
  • The owners of the pink diamonds are anonymous, there is no record of who owns diamond.
  • Diamonds have no expiration, and do not require maintenance.
  • Testimony of an inheritance; Diamonds can be easily transmitted from one generation to the next.
  • Universal Currency and method of payment: Although diamonds are not used as a means of payment in commercial transactions, their value is not refutable worldwide. Pink diamond owners can liquidate their property in any country, complying with a jeweler during the trip.
Pink diamonds investment

How to buy a pink diamond?

Before buying a pink diamond, ask a gemologist about the quality and certification of the stones. It is important to pay attention to the following:

  • Quality of the stones;
  • The fair market price;
  • Wide range of parts offered for you to make comparisons;
  • High Level of Customer Service in the secondary market;
  • The certification requirements for your diamond;
  • Prefer certified gemologists associated with international gemology institutes, such as the GIA Gemological Institute.

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