How to determine the value of your old art coins?

To start determining the worth of your art coins, you would like to shop for a simple microscope with a magnification of 30x or more and a precision scale. This way you can better check the art coins for scratches and determine the weight as a way to recognize counterfeits. Some advises that you need to be well informed by shopping for catalogs and reference books, visiting exhibitions and talking to art coin experts, and checking previous auction results. Through all this you can learn about the degrees of conservation of the art coins and their classification, and you will be on the right track to define the value of your old art coins.


The same rule that applies to all collectibles is that authentic pieces may be valuable, but reproductions are not. And this rule also applies to art coins. If you have a genuine art coin, it is worth considering its value by examining the following factors.


How many were made? How many were delivered or cast? You can naturally guess that the more unusual an art coin is, the more it will be worth. If you have one from a single handful that you know of, there is a much better chance that you have a treasure. Other questions to ask yourself when determining exceptionality: Is the art coin an unusual variant? Do you have a minting error? You will need to do some research on the subject, something that could include reading books on the subject and / or asking an expert for advice. Our professional art coin experts are always happy to take a look at the art coins offered for auction and make a valuation.

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For ancient art coins (more than 1000 years old), the origin plays an important role in defining their value. If you know the history of where the art coin came from and the history of owners to you, this is valuable information in determining the value.

Purity and weight of material

What material is the art coin made of? ¿ Gold, platinum, silver? And what is the purity and weight of the material? This is where your precision scale comes in handy, not only for weight determination, but also for fishing counterfeits. There is often a difference in weight between a genuine and a counterfeit art coin. It is difficult to accurately reproduce the weight of an art coin, and any use of different alloys often results in different weights.


Is your currency authenticated and encapsulated by NGC or PCGS? If so, it is certainly something that adds value to it. When a potential buyer sees that an art coin has been officially certified by a trusted professional entity, it adds a high level of trust. This confidence often leads to higher bids at auction.

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Are your modern commemorative art coins in their original packaging? If so, the value of your art coins will go up. For silver and gold art coin and art coin sets, the packaging must be brand new and complete. Art coin sets in their original packaging may be worth more than single copies.


Basic economics teaches us that demand determines price. The market always plays a crucial role in determining the worth of collectibles. If an art coin is highly sought after by collectors, it will inherently be more valuable due to its demand. But even if an art coin is unusual and in excellent condition, it will not be as valuable if no one wants to buy it.

Now that you know some of the factors that define the value of your art coins, you can begin to examine your art coin collection to determine if you have any that are extremely valuable. And if you discover a treasure, you’ll always offer it up for auction.

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Lisa Hoar