How to be a truck driver in Newcastle?

If you are considering starting a new job as a truck driver, see below the requirements that you are going to be requested, the licenses that enable you, truck driving courses for professionals and average salaries by sector for the year 2021.

Knowing how to drive difficult vehicles is a skill that allows access to a series of well-paying jobs, and being a truck driver is a lucrative profession with a wide field of work.

To work as a truck driver in Newcastle you need a professional driver’s license of the correct type, in addition to other requirements for both Australian and foreigners looking for job opportunities behind the wheel of cargo vehicles.

Requirements to be a truck driver in Newcastle

The market is always looking for experienced or inexperienced truckers for different jobs that require cargo transportation in these oversized vehicles. To become a truck driver, you need:

  • Valid Australian identity card, either for citizens or foreigners.
  • Age equal to or greater than 20 years.
  • Professional driver’s license, which depends on the type of truck you are looking to drive:
    • Class A4: Simple freight vehicles weighing more than 3,500 gross kilos
    • Class A5: Simple or articulated cargo vehicles weighing more than 3,500 gross kilos
  • Resume of the driver clean.
  • Background certificate.

Before you can take the truck driving course and thus apply for this type of job, you need to obtain an Australian class B driver’s license.

truck driver

Once you have your class B license, go to an authorized professional driving school, and take the A5 license course, its age will be respected, so you will not have to wait 2 years between the moment you get your class B and class A license.

Professional course for truck drivers in Newcastle

Although it is not mandatory by law, taking training on transportation of certain types of more complex cargo may be required by companies or increase the chances of being hired by the employer.

The same applies to knowledge about mechanics, types of machinery, dangerous goods, etc.

To obtain the corresponding class A license, it is required to take a professional driving course. If you do it in a driving training center like Chris Shilling Transport Training, you should know that each of them sets its own prices, there is no single value for the course. We recommend you to quote to find the most convenient option. Get in touch with Chris Shilling Transport Training today!

Each driving school sets its own prices, so there is no set fee for the truck driving course. We recommend you to quote to find the best option.

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How much does a truck driver earn in Newcastle?

The salary of a truck driver in Newcastle depends on several factors, such as the type of truck to be driven, industry, shifts, hours worked, bonuses, etc., but those who work in this field can obtain higher income if it is from someone with experience.

Remunerations in areas such as mining are usually the highest in the market, while other fields such as driving trucks with fuel, industrial machinery, construction and forestry elements, also receive salaries above the market average.

Although the aforementioned are the areas where the best remunerations are found, a truck driver will have an average salary range from $77,275 per year, a floor that increases if the person has experience and works a good number of hours.

Truckers earn better than other professional drivers and it is an industry with room to grow and go up so much in type of work, so it is worth exploring it.

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