5 Reasons to Rent a Vacation House Instead of a Hotel

Why Choose a Holiday House in Kojonup WA

1. The HOLIDAY HOUSES Are Cheaper

In many houses, the nightly rates do not apply as they do for the hotel, but they do have a flat rate based on the length of the period and season.

Suppose a family of four (two adults and two children) wants to spend a week on vacation in Kojonup WA.

The cost of a hotel of 3-star is around 1000 to 1200 AUD for a quad room – Family bedroom – with a double bed and a sofa bed or two single beds, while for a hotel of 4-star prices hotels ranging from 1500-  2,000 AUD all the way up depending on the type and location of the hotel.

A week of holiday in a house accommodation instead can cost from 500 to 700 AUD and it includes double room + sofa bed or also with 2 rooms.

Therefore, prices vary from around 150-200 AUD per night in a Hotel and 70-100 AUD per night in a holiday house or apartment.

Obviously there are cheaper hotels and more expensive holiday houses, but the relationship is always the same: for two accommodations located in the same town the savings are almost 50%

vacation house

2. The Holiday Houses Are More GENEROUS

We all love the little shampoos, bars of soap and bathroom essentials that hotels make available to us for free. But that changes when it comes to the fridge … a bottle of water can cost even 3 AUD and everything you need has a cost and must be paid for by the way!

In a vacation house these things are offered more generously and for free!

Upon arrival in an apartment or vacation house you can easily find a bottle of water, everything you need for breakfast: coffee, tea, sandwiches, jam, cookies, fresh fruit, or a bottle of local wine. All for free offered by the owner’s generosity!

On the other hand, the kitchen is always equipped with everything you need to prepare a breakfast or lunch without having to go to the restaurant or bar every day.

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3. Vacation Houses Offer More Freedom and Private Spaces

If you fancy a bit of intimacy and privacy, the hotel doesn’t have many totally private spaces, except for your room. Maybe you have to work on the PC during the holidays and you don’t necessarily want to stay in the hall or in the room with the family.

In a house or apartment, you can work in comfortable and discreet spaces, even on the terrace, the dining room or in the garden. The villas offer a wide selection of options on how to share your space – and this flexibility – cannot be found in a room of hotel

4. Vacation Houses Offer the Comfort of Your House

A question as simple as it is logical. To have everything you need when you are at house and are things as simple as essential. In a hotel room they cannot be found due to the basicity of the services.

house accommodation

Do you need a fork or a knife to cut a fruit? You will find them in your kitchen drawer, just as you find them in your kitchen. A blanket, a towel and a lot of extras that a vacation house has been equipped to be lived in maximum comfort.

5. Vacation Houses Allow You to Visit the Best of a Place

The location of a vacation house can be central or peripheral, but it will allow you to visit more than one place locally, to experience contact with the uniqueness of the place where you will be visiting.

Some houses are located in places where no hotel simply cannot be found. The local fish vendor, the fruit and vegetable market, the restaurant with typical products, small beaches can only be accessed on foot … you find yourself by chance in a few minutes of one of these realities.

The vacation house rentals allow you to see more than one place, not everything is concentrated in the center of a city or a town purely for tourists.

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Ian Tamondong