garage doors regarding best Frequently asked questions

1. Is it better to install a swing door or a sectional door?

It all depends on the configuration of the entrance, the clearances offered inside, the external overflow possible and its use:

If you have no outside overflow, need an optimized opening and pedestrian access you can opt for a ceiling or side sectional door.If you have an overflow outside, need an optimized opening and pedestrian access you can opt for a swing door.

2. What are the advantages of a motorized garage door?

Arrive in front of the garage door in rainy weather and open it with a simple push on a remote control without leaving his car, it’s rather nice, right?

In addition, the engine extends the life of your door. It allows a smooth and smooth handling that preserves the components of your door while ensuring safe handling!

3. Is it possible to motorize all types of garage doors?

Side sectional or overhead, tilting or rolling doors are motorized as standard at Monsieur Store. Only traditional swing doors are not motorisable.

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4. How can I automate my existing garage door?

It is quite possible to motorize an existing.Your Mr Store advisor will be able to offer you the best engine adapted to your door and the configuration of your garage.

5.What happens in case of power failure?

garagedoors4u operators are equipped with an emergency release system. Just pull the clutch release cord of the engine, the door can then be manipulated by hand to open or exit.

When the power comes back, it will be enough to re-engage the engine so that it drives the garage door again.

6.Does the gate remote control allow me to open the garage door?

It’s possible ! The 4-channel multifunction One Push remote control associated with the right receiver allows the control of various equipment of the house such as the gate, the door or an outside light.

7.What happens if my child or cat is in the opening when the garage door operator trips?

garagedoors4u meet the NF EN 13241-1 standard. This specifies the performance and safety requirements for doors and gates with manual or motorized operation. It states in particular the obligation to set up a system with stop of the automation in the event of an obstacle thanks to the use of the photocells.

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